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TAKAFUJI CO., LTD., accepts all kinds of building-related construction work, including room renovations, redecoration, water-related renovations, new construction and renovation, etc., interior work and exterior wall painting work, with a focus on interior construction work (light gauge steel framing construction and board construction).

Through our extensive knowledge and experience accumulated in various fields,
we propose high quality finishes and the minimum required plans to our customers with confidence.

Renovation Projects

Renovations for enterprise customers

We perform interior construction work with a high level of technical ability in work ranging from at large public facilities to minor renovations, as well as at companies, factories, and stores, etc.

Interior Construction Work: Main Business

Wall light steel bases (various construction methods associated with this)
Light ceiling bases (various construction methods associated with this)
Various board construction work (earthquake resistant, fireproof, sound insulating, GL, cosmetic, and more; various finishings)

Accepted Business

Various interior construction work, including on wallpapers, floors, woodwork,
curtains, and blinds
Electrical work (lights and boxes, etc.)
Equipment (kitchens, toilets, unit baths, etc.)

Rely on us for board installation work!
We provide construction work that satisfies our customers, including ceiling, wall board installation, and gypsum installation.
Feel free to get in touch if you are thinking about post-light gauge steel framing construction and board installation work.

About GL Construction

TAKAFUJI CO., LTD. accepts interior construction work through the use of the GL construction method, etc. It is easy to perform even in tight spaces, and is used in places where our customers want to make a room wider, etc.

What is GL Construction?

It is a construction method in which a concrete surface and board are joined together through a GL bond (gypsum adhesive).
In terms of its main features, it fixes the unevenness in concrete, does not require base adjustments and base framework, and reduces the amount of time that the work takes.
In addition, the GL bond is pasted to the base in a dumpling-like shape using a simple construction method, and as it adheres to the board directly, once the GL bond has dried the finishing can be performed immediately, which allows the construction time to be reduced.

We have over 20 years of experience in interior construction, and perform construction work that satisfies our customers. Feel free to get in touch if you are thinking about post-light gauge steel framing construction work.

What are the benefits of light gauge steel framing and light gauge construction work (LGS)?

It is much less combustible than wood, is strongly resistant to moisture, requires less time during construction, is low cost, and is highly workable.
In addition, it reduces the risk of termites and other pests, and is widely used in a wide variety of sites. These days, it is widely used in all kinds of buildings, including stores, office buildings, commercial facilities, public facilities, halls, factories, schools, hospitals, and residences, and is an indispensable construction method in modern buildings.

Past construction projects are here

Renovation Projects