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Conversion to All Electric

Converting to all electric means that you will not use energy such as city gas, propane gas, and kerosene, and that all of your in-home energy needs will be met by electricity.

Only Takafuji can provide a comprehensive package together with Ohisama Port (solar carport) and storage battery solar power generation systems.
Without the use of gas, and your electricity usage being powered by solar power generation, you will embark on a very economical and safe lifestyle.

Our company works on detached building renovations, and we are sure that you will be delighted with our unique flexible response, speedy work, and exquisite finishes. One often cited critique of all electric is that the use of electricity during the day is expensive, however this issue can be resolved through the introduction of EcoCute and a storage battery.
Be sure to take advantage of the comfortable lifestyle afforded by Takafuji's conversion to all electric service.