When it comes to interior construction work and renovations, rely on Takafuji, your local experts!

TAKAFUJI CO., LTD. in Tatebayashi-shi, Gunma Prefecture, performs interior construction work and various renovations in Tokyo and the surrounding areas
(Saitama Prefecture / Tokyo-to / Chiba Prefecture / Ibaraki Prefecture / Tochigi Prefecture), with a focus on Gunma Prefecture.
We take on all forms of building-related construction work, all the way from interior construction work (light gauge steel framing construction, board construction, room renovations and redecorating, etc.) to water-related renovations, new construction, renovation work, and exterior painting, etc., for homes, offices, and large buildings.
You can also rely on us to convert all household appliances to electric and to introduce solar power systems (solar carports and storage batteries)!

Takafuji's 5 Commitments for Renovations

Interior Construction Work

1Abundant achievements and craftsmanship

Our company's directors have a wealth of field experience and over 20 years in the construction industry, and we are all learning new things every day through our rich experiences.
Even in specialist areas, each individual craftsman can demonstrate tailor-made technology in accordance with your needs, promptly and with confidence! A large part of our clientele consists of repeat customers who have been so happy with our work.

Prompt and careful construction

2Prompt and careful construction

We will provide the best response possible to urgent construction work, such as where the customer says "we are in a rush, is there any chance that you could finish by sometime tomorrow?", and will assist you promptly and courteously.
We eliminate cases where rushed construction work becomes difficult and where haste has resulted in accidents, and are always fully devoted to the mantra of "safety first". If you are looking for a construction company that is performs work quickly, carefully, and safely, we are the company for you!

Providing safety and reliability to customers!

3Providing safety and reliability to customers!

In order to proceed with renovation and construction work plans with the confidence of our customers, Takafuji provides exceptional customer service on its projects. We value our customers and look to build long term relationships with them.

Low Cost Construction

4Low Cost Construction

When it comes to construction work, the most important thing is often price. When performing construction work, we do not purchase any unnecessary materials that add to our customer's costs, we keep material costs low by storing materials in house as much as possible, and we try to make sure that anything leftover is used for apartments and general housing, etc., construction work performed in the future; that is the Takafuji way.
This is why we can provide cost effective proposals to our customers!

Abundant options that meet our customers’ needs

5Abundant options that meet our customers' needs

You can also leave the planning to Takafuji! We can present precise options in accordance with the site and your needs.
There is no charge for estimates and consultations, so feel free to get in touch!

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